Intravenous Access Review

Approved Credits

  • Alberta College of Paramedics - 6 credits
  • British Columbia Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board - 1.5 credits
  • Saskatchewan College of Paramedics - 2 credits (NOCP Area 4) CME2023-158

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction Video
  • Terms Acknowledgement

IV Indications and Contraindications

Types of IV Solutions


Preparing an IV Infusion

Preparing a Saline Lock

IV Site Selection

IV Cannulation

Calculating Drip Rate

Flushing a Saline Lock

IV Discontinuation

Adverse Events

Final Test

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Target Audience

  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • Primary Care Paramedic
  • Advanced Care Paramedic
  • Critical Care Paramedic